Our background

Mercado Ganadero S.A. (in English, livestock market) is a joint venture between the Rosario Board of Trade and renowned consignees from various provinces in Argentina. It was created in October 2008 by three founding partner consignees: Reggi y Cía., Ildarraz Hnos. and Etchevehere Rural. These were afterwards joined by Ganaderos de Ceres Cooperativa Limitada, Ferialvarez SRL, Gananor Pujol S.A., Aguirre Vazquez, Cooperativa Agrícola Ganadera Ltda. Guillermo Lehmann, Edgar E. Pastore y Cía. SRL, Álzaga Unzué y Cía. SA. and Colombo y Colombo.

Over twelve years ago, the Argentinian livestock market was in need of a quantum leap. Through the joint effort of the Rosario Board of Trade and a group of widely experienced consignees, we have decided to take the leap which is nowadays fully consolidated – over 3,400,000 heads of livestock are traded in the market through more than 40,000 operations. Thus, we became the sole livestock market dealing with breeding and wintering cattle.

A paradigm shift in the agricultural sector of the country provided the context for this development as new ways of production and trading arised, together with a steady progress in agriculture and the strengthening of new land productivity which pushed aside agents and brought about innovations. Therefore, the wide territory between the breeding areas and the fattening systems, the cost increase in transportation and the need for granting the cattle welfare led to the implementation of new technologies for making trading more efficient. Television broadcasting (through Canal Rural, the national channel that shows rural production information) and streaming (rosgan.com.ar) enable buyers from all over the country to participate in the market, relying on the strict video recording and certification systems used. These systems are documented in standardized procedure guidelines that secure responsibility and transparency. In every auction, a strict selling order is presented by the Uruguayan company Estudio 3000 and uploaded to Rosgan.com.ar, a website designed by Mundo IT where the quantity and quality of the goods available for the auction and other services can be found.

And this is just the beginning. Throughout the past years, we have evolved to respond to the challenges posed by the growth of the livestock market chain introducing new technologies and expertise. We have created an Index Price of national reference, a livestock forward contract, electronic certificates and we have also supported the development of Matba Rofex livestock futures. Besides, we have launched a mobile app for trading 24/7 and added the streaming for auctions like ranch auctions and a pre-bidding system while continuing to develop new markets and opportunities.


Mercado Ganadero S.A. has incorporated more technologies to provide all the services needed for livestock trading in Argentina and to keep up with its evolution. Despite the fact that the 2020 pandemic has sped up many processes, Rosgan had already been working with online auctions. Rosgan also has an Index Price of national reference, a livestock forward contract, electronic certificates of video-recorded livestock and has supported the development of Matba Rofex livestock futures.

Mercado Ganadero S.A. currently offers the following services: TV-broadcasted and online streaming auctions, ranch auctions, pre-bidding system, Rosgan Faena and Rosgan Net.

TV-broadcasted auctions

Since 2008 Rosgan has been broadcasting auctions in Canal Rural through a strategic alliance between the Rosario Board of Trade and the channel with a continuous coverage of the national agriculture and livestock information. Rosgan auctions are broadcasted at least once a month where our eleven consignees sell their breeding and wintering cattle. In the farms, a video of the livestock is recorded following Rosgan protocols and it is then broadcasted on the agreed date. Apart from these market auctions, Rosgan organizes special auctions on particular dates for our consignees as well as auctions in the main exhibits in the country: Expoagro, Expo Rural de la Sociedad Rural Argentina, La Nación Ganadera, among others.

Streaming auctions

In December 2019, Mercado Ganadero S.A. started implementing streaming auctions with the first special auction of livestock for slaughtering together with the company Pastore y Cía. From then on, Rosgan began a new stage which led to the possibility of reducing costs and organizing auctions entirely via the website. Mercado Ganadero S.A. started offering a high-speed and low-latency service that became a pioneer within the context of the 2020 pandemic. This system is still treading strong and it keeps the same cattle lot video recording and editing protocols, supervised by Rosgan’s team.
Ranch auctions
Rach auctions are a new business unit within the market launched in 2020 together with the company Alzaga Unzué y Cía. This unit led us to the development of a selling system customized according to the specific needs of each ranch. Thus, together with Mundo IT, we optimized a new streaming selling system that has a strong demand in 2021, since a number of ranches have turned to both possibilities: onsite and streaming auctions. Hence, buyers who are not able to assist the locations where the ranch auction takes place can rely on the possibility of buying from their computers or smartphones.
Pre-bidding system
For breeding and wintering cattle as well as for some ranch auctions, the livestock trading chain has started to try this new system of offers made before the auction. This development allows the consignee to work with each lot and to take offers the week before the auction in order to start it with greater flexibility.
The consignees encourage the use of this system by featuring benefits for those who make offers before the auction and provide discounts or selling periods which are more suitable for the buyer. The night before the auction, this system provided by Rosgan enables the consignee to get all the information about the offers received to keep them in mind when it comes to the sales.
Rosgan Faena
From its early stages, Mercado Ganadero S.A. was certain that the TV-broadcasted system would gather breeding and wintering cattle instead of fed cattle (ready for consumption and exportation), due to the related costs and the fact that the supply and demand agents are different. We believe we were right and there is evidence to that. However, the time has come for the market to include this essential business unit which is mainly carried out through on-site or direct sale.
The use of new sales technologies has sped up after 2020 and the fed cattle business should get updated via technology. Within this background, and 12 years after the first launch, Rosgan has incorporated a new market: ROSGAN FAENA. The goal of this new business unit is to add online fed cattle supply and demand aimed at both consumption and exportation, resulting in a significant cost reduction and easier collaboration between agents.
In Argentina, 12 million livestock heads are slaughtered every year, from which 9 million are used for consumption and about 3 million are used for exportation. Rosgan started this new commercial platform seeking to create a market with visible prices that would also allow consignees to get lower costs through the use of technology. For the buyer, this means having access to a platform where they can operate all the business units in one place and relying on a market from the Rosario Board of Trade.
To view the operations go to: https://app.rosgannet.com.ar/#/remate/305
Rosgan Net
In 2019, Rosgan launched the first mobile app to buy and sell breeding and wintering cattle. This meant the first chance for the market to operate online via smartphones. This launch was a pioneer in livestock trade and it is currently active to be used by any consignee which requires it. The app is called Rosganet and is available 24/7.